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This game is insanely cool! I didn't come anywhere close to an ending, but still really enjoyed my time playing this. I'm definitely gonna hop back in one of these days now that I have a better understanding of how it works. Fantastic job on this game! 

That's an Interesting Horror Game. The movie "In the Mouth of Madness", from John Capenter, came into my mind when I played this. Very Interesting. Congrats.


Such complex trickery! I failed in the most important way but what a ride it was (3rd game in video, start time code: 15:04 )

This game looks neat. Any plans for a mac version?


Absolutely fantastic little game. Really nicely done, great work!


Hey out of curiosity I was wondering if I could somehow get a steam code for the game? I purchased it recently on here only to find out it was published on steam earlier!

I would also like to know if this is possible.

First of all, awesome game DDD Wares! I really enjoyed how the game mixed two different gaming mechanics in a very peculiar combination that works great! Who would imagine that a racing/driving game would mix so well with horror?

Also, it's totally worth buying it, for the small price of $2,99! Recommended!

And now, here is my gameplay!

All I wanted was to get a tasty burrito, but I accidentally summoned a powerful demon! Now I need to hit the road and escape from the evil awaken! Buckle up and get ready for Dead End Road!

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If you're on looking for quality...
then explain to me why your index finger is still resting on that left mouse button.
Seriously, this game is a must have.
Pure genius squeezed in seventy-something megabytes.
Take all the best from a horror game, blend it with the anxiety of driving at night with no lights on the road and pour the result in a glass full of the '90s muskiness feeling.
After all, when a game is suggested to you by Jonatan Söderström... you can't never be too far from a masterpiece.


Well, I would... if I wasn't so strapped for cash. Yes, my friend, I am so poor I can't afford this. I don't have a PayPal account, and I have plenty of money in my savings account, and I can't touch it until I get a car/truck (I'm 14). Mom's a scrooge with her money, and I need a few sticks of butter to even get her to even consider. Dad's passed, unfortunately. So, yeah. If you're in a fix like me, you can't do much.