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A surreal, blood-soaked side-scroller. Without any scrolling.

Trapped in an non-euclidean purgatory, face fourth dimensional horrors and seek a way to break the cycle and escape the tesseract.

No backtracking, the only way is forward - deeper into the hypercube.

The Nothing is a surreal and atmospheric action game with a new aesthetic, procedurally generated elements and perma-death - Designed for multiple short "runs", with endings based on the route you've chosen and the actions you've taken.


  • Persistently store items between runs in the steamer trunk
  • Your actions and route travelled seals your fate
  • Level generation based on the overall direction of travel
  • Five separate routes
  • Twenty one bosses
  • Nine different endings
Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars
(10 total ratings)
AuthorDDD Wares
TagsAbstract, Boss battle, Horror, Surreal


Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

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i'm really bad at this game, but i find it so interesting. strange and intriguing  - keeps me trying again and again.

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It took me a while to get into this (partly because I couldn't redefine the keyboard controls) but then I could appreciate the atmosphere. I wish it explained more, though. I spent a long time adding coins to a machine over multiple runs, which never seemed to do anything. And since you always have to start a new game when you die, it can get a bit frustrating. But the music and room transitions were nice; the jumping up and down levels reminded me of Rolling Thunder. Mix that with Splatter House and Hellraiser or Nightbreed, and you have an idea of the general mood.

Oh, ran perfectly in Linux Mint.

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cool game,
but this game isn't "non-euclidean", it's very much Euclidean.

Nice game

The Nothing a work of art! The style is unique and the visuals grow on you. The soundtrack works for the style of the game. A twisted, yet beautiful, permadeath roguelike sidescroller that doesn't side scroll. The retro VHS graphics really put a unique 'old school horror film' spin on it that I haven't seen anywhere else in a game like this. It looks like the rooms are procedurally generated, so no two runs are the same (I'm not sure, but that's how it felt) and I loved that mechanic! It's definitely unique in every way and I'm yet to see another game comparable to this one. MAYBE The Binding of Isaac is a little similar, but there are super major differences.

I'm sorry if I was all over the place with this "mini-review" - I'm exhausted. Thanks for making this! I got it in the bundle for Jane and I loved it! I can’t believe I didn’t hear about this game sooner!

The Nothing features in my Indie Game Exhibit video at 01:12

Ah-hah! I've been waiting for your next game for a long while ;O Now comes the painful process of figuring the thing out and figuring out how to get all the endings D:< There's a good deal of feedback I could provide in my videos, namely coin-deposits being tedious (Should be able to hold the button to spam more in, faster!) among other things - Overall, very weird game.

The OST alone is the worth the price of admission <3